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Nathalie Boutté


Nathalie Boutté was born in 1967, she lives and works in Montreuil, near Paris, France.
Nathalie is neither a photographer nor a sculptor nor a painter, her collages are all of these things. Her creations are derived from her knowledge of paper and volumes. She cuts long narrow strips of paper that she patiently assembles, one by one thus creating a feather effect which constantly evolves. She uses colour and greys as well as tracing paper and sometimes she mixes Indian ink or gold sheets with the paper to create an even more varied effect.
Nathalie is self-taught, she has no specialist degree or training, what she knows she has taught herself through passion. She is not opposed to formal training, but she believes that the key to knowledge has always resided in the practical side of experimenting with materials. Her creations are always a beginning of something new, her technique is forever being enriched and improved.  There is no certainty with her, no one truth, but there is always another experience, another achievement.

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