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Helmut Grill

Contemporary artist

A romantic place in a preserved nature, a mysterious, troubling light, a group of details that give out a sentiment of comfort, like a love affair offered to the onlooker, but everything is compromised when you approach and get a closer look at the picture.

Helmut Grill has fun deciphering the numerous messages we get from the press, the media, the easy promises that lead to a deap insecurity.

In the Refuge series, Helmut Grill traps the onlooker. The real image is not the one you think you’re looking at, but rather the one that is beyond the superficial vision, in the act of seeing.

The artist uses public transit places, hotels or coffee houses. Nobody inhabit them, only a neon sign is lazily sprawled, stranges wild messages appear through drawings or graffiti. An ambiguous feeling hovers and sweeps over the entire atmosphere.

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