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Fanfan explains how the intuition of sculpture has come to her: by watching the accumulation of blocks, color resins blended, made for many years while, as an artisan, she has worked for the world of fashion.

It is the particularity of each block of residue that is becoming obvious for this specialist of colors’ harmony.

Fanfan is a technical artist, permanently seeking new pigmentary materials and new complex techniques.

Ever since then, the couple Artisan-Artist makes sense.

The play of color compositions is measured and yet, it seems free in the space. The colors are delicate and random.

This play becomes an item, when sublimated by the synthetic cristal.

Fanfan enjoys herself, not only she highlights the resin’s flow but also the spatter as a pictorial form.

These influences are visible from some of her art work: she winks at Arman, Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis…

Her creative process leads her towards well-known monuments, monochrome and with strong symbols.

The Statue of Liberty (signed by the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi), the Eiffel Tower and the Republic Statue that she re-interprets and makes hers.

« Every Parisian knows the place de la République and her majestic representation,  but who really looks at it?»

It is a real playground for this artist of colour, but also a topic of reflection.

 » I want to remind that our freedom of thought is the only one we really own. »

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