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Caroline Lejeune


Born in 1971 – Live and work in Montreuil – France

Approaching Caroline Lejeune’s work is an experiment to yield to. The world the artist tends to display is in constant evolution, it builds with the brush’s journey on the canvas.

Caroline Lejeune empties her spirit of all thoughts that could derail her. Once a neutral state reached, the painter throws herself into her canvas. You have to see her start a dialogue with the white cloth, she lights up at the contact, she sings.

Caroline Lejeune predominantly works with grey, a colour between black and white. Metaphor of her work: the forest, in between hidden and exposed, city life and secluded life.

We learn to watch anew a landscape, to discover what is hidden, and a well-being settles in.

The act of painting is essential to Caroline Lejeune, there is such liberty in her works, a letting-go, and at the same time a master technique, an ease with the tools and representation.

Caroline Lejeune allows for an escape through her works, the titles themselves are evocative of this will: “Au pays des Merveilles “ (in Wonderland), « Le Roi de la forêt » (The forest King), « Le fil d’Ariane » (Ariadne’s thread), « Rhapsodie » (Rhapsody)…

The artist approach is to depict chaos, life’s effervescence, it’s complexity and beauty. To learn to see to understand. To take the time to see to appreciate the beauty of the world.


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