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Caroline Corbeau

Sculptor of steel furniture

After plastic art studies in Paris at the Letellier Workshop, Caroline Corbeau launches herself into the captivating, yet demanding world of sculpture.

The material which Caroline CORBEAU first of all privileges is metal. The steel and its countless transformation possibilities inspire the artist, thanks to its capacity to accept surface treatments, such as patina, polishing, paint, oxydation and varied covered materials.

Among its innumerable declensions, the steel allow her to construct both raw and complex structures, under a visible simplicity. This complex simplicity has always been an inspiration to her, with her three « Masters »: SOULAGES for his paint without any concession and his obsessive work about infinite shades of his fetish color, black; ROTHKO and his « colorful fields » which result from color treatments into tint areas with uncertain edges, playing with geometrical forms; Jean‐Michel FRANCK, last but not least, the mythic decorator and creator of furniture, who knew how to refine the Art Deco style, by offering an elegant welcome minimalism.

Her two at a time organic and geometrical style, her creation voluntarily refined and her extreme talent to play with forms, give birth today to a furniture with timeless elegance. Creating with the same sense of proportion coffee tables, chairs, pedestal tables or consoles that she produces herself, Caroline CORBEAU can henceforth enter the big league, with unique pieces.

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