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Blaise Arnold


This pickpocket of reality, lover of the 50′s in Paris or New York has launched himself into a very personal art work from memory and light.

Since 4 years, he is only devoting himself to parisian cafés and typical bars. He strolls Ménilmontant, Belleville, the Nation place…

As a specialist in still-life, he glorifies these cafés by bringing as a painter poetic hints.

The difficulties installed by nocturnal lighting represent a challenge.

It is a harmonious play between the artificial light from the neon light, natural light and glowing cobblestones.

The surrealism of Blaise Arnold images is anything but the reality that has become fantastic thanks to his vision. This vision influenced by the world of parisian faubourgs from the cartoonist Jacques Tardi.

Here, no melancholy, Blaise Arnold is not a Spleen photographer. He is the author of an artwork which is in line with the French urban collective imagination as a witness of a world disappearing.

He easily imagines one of his descendants discovering in turn this collection of exact images, being touched by his poetry. « It is the man’s dread and desire to leave an indelible trace of his fleeting passing on earth that give birth to art ». Brassaï, photographer.