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Anne Claverie


A multi-faceted artist, Anne Claverie plays with materials like a child reinvents games with many and various objects.

Born in 1974, she studied at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, student of the sculptor Richard Deacon. Very early on, she liked to juggle with materials and divert them from their initial purpose.

So, from rubber – whose first use is genuinely industrial – that she will knot, twist or paint in gold, she creates a new animal or vegetal form. It will look like a buffalo head with two horns or an abstract sculpture depending on the imagination of the viewer.

Real demiurge and sole in charge of her studio, Anne Claverie helps us discover with her creations a surprising universe full of magic and malice: a golden tap fixed on a wall pours a beautiful white feather, a suit jacket is decorated with an animal carnival, literally, a car tyre will become the head of a new horned animal from her imagination. The hornes themselves are redesigned, beautiful spindle-shaped curves scaled in aluminium…

And yet, those “UTO” (Unidentified terrestrial objects) appear to be very familiar. This is Anne’s gift, to bring to light to the viewer a world that he had forgotten, buried deep in a corner of his memory but that reminds him of the fantazising of mysterious dreams.

Understanding that reality is always more beautiful when it is arranged, Anne Claverie tries her best to apply those corrections in her work. This way, in her photographic work, she can’t help but step in: her pictures are sratched, streaked, in order to re-work the shapes, embellish the contrasts. Those pictures become a new material that has to be worked upon, rebuilt for a perfect finish.

Anne Claverie’s approach is stimulated by curiosity, entertainment at the alternative use of the materials, the metamorphosis of the objects with the help of the creator’s magic wand.

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